cme crude oil contract specifications

cme crude oil contract specifications

Both U.S. oil and Bursa oil recently broke through the $50/barrel mark, and when U.S. oil broke through this mark, the Gubi Composite Moving Average icme crude oil contract specificationsndicator GMMA first gave a signal and was subsequently confirmed. This indicator also shows that oil prices will still continue in the future. Continue to rise, this trend change in the oil market is also extremely critical. The oil price fluctuated for a long time near the level of 8 US dollars/barrel before, and then bottomed out and rebounded. It encountered resistance at the price of 48 US dollars/barrel, and the next target price of oil prices was about 58 US dollars/barrel.

When the strategic crude oil reserve approaches the 90-day net import volume recommended by the International Energy Agency, the scale of reserve purchases will be reduced. The National Energy Administration said in September that both commercial and strategic crude oil inventories are about 80 days of net imports. As a result, it may start to reduce the scale of purchases earlier than market expectations.

Today, as the price of Brent crude oil is approaching $80/barrel, and is likely to reach this level in the next few days, discussing lowering some quotas may have become a stopgap measure. After all, after the US sanctions on Iran take effect, why should Saudi Arabia be the only beneficiary of the decline in Iran’s crude oil supply?

The basis for the appeal was that when the Hengshan oil pipeline project was approved by the federal government in 206, it was based on the National Energy Administration's assessment report, which was incomplete and did not cover the impact of increased tankers on the marine ecology. Moreover, the federal government did not fully solicit the opinions of the indigenous people and did not seriously consider the feelings of the indigenous people before approving the report.

Reuters quoted an executive of the Indian oil company IOC as saying that the company has bought 6 million barrels of US crude oil and will deliver it between the next month and next month. Before the United States imposed sanctions on Iran, India’s largest refinery sought an alternative to Iranian crude oil.

Indeed, India and Russia are much more reliable than the EU. When the EU's SPV settlement mechanism has not yet been settled, and two Iranian intelligence personnel are to be sanctioned, India has already signedcme crude oil contract specifications an oil import agreement with Iran.

The US natural gas industry organization has also worriedly sent a letter to the government. CLNG, the US LNG center, recently sent a letter to the US Department of Commerce, requesting an industry-wide exemption for steel and aluminum tariffs, or extending the exemption period for individual special products.