Light crude oil spot price

Light crude oil spot price

Objectively speaking, the current investment of oil companies has gone from being relatively extensive in the past to the current investment decision-making is more reasonableLight crude oil spot price, mainly due to the influence of factors such as the previous low oil prices, investment is more intensive, focusing on reducing costs and increasing efficiency. Rising oil prices are likely to return to the original way. We must be sufficiently vigilant and we should continue to focus on optimizing the investment structure, product structure, and industrial structure, and we must do something and not do something.

The latest research report by Bank of America Merrill Lynch gives a pessimistic scenario. The possibility of economic slowdown in emerging markets is suddenly apparent. At the same time, OPEC and Russia are taking the lead in increasing production. The combination of the two may eventually bring oil prices to 60 US dollars per barrel. This bear market scenario does not include the drag on the economies of developed countries from the multilateral trade war in the United States. However, the impact of the potential trade war on oil demand is not yet obvious.

Rouhani also hinted that Iran has other ways to transport crude oil besides the Strait of Hormuz. He pointed out: Those who do not understand politics will say that they will block Iran's crude oil exports. We have many straits, and the Strait of Hormuz is just one of them. Rouhani shouted to Trump: We are honest people. Historically, we have always guaranteed the safety of this waterway. Don't play with the lion's tail, this will only make the United States regret it.

The U.S. unemployment rate in April fell by 0.2 percentage points from the previous value and expected value to 60%, a record low in 49 years; however, the average annual rate of wages in the U.S. in April remained unchanged from the previous value of 2%, which was 0 percentage points lower than the expected value.

It is important for any investor to stop loss when spotting crude oil. Stop loss can control the size of the risk, the loss should be kept within 20-0 points, and the profit gained by oneself is much greater than the small loss. The more profitable, the less careless you should be, and the more you must stop loss work.

According to foreign media reports, Saudi Arabia may unilaterally break away from the production reduction agreement, and plans to inject a record amount of crude oil into the markeLight crude oil spot pricet in July, starting its largest export surge in history to cool oil prices. Coincidentally, US Secretary of Energy Perry also expressed his belief that Saudi Arabia will increase production to fill the OPEC gap.

The current supply and demand gap has been realized by the U.S. government. According to reports, the U.S. government has asked Saudi Arabia and other oil-producing countries, the head of the OPEC organization, to increase their daily oil output by 1 million barrels to curb the current rise in oil prices. . This request was made after gasoline prices were hovering at annual highs and Trump publicly criticized OPEC for using policies to push up oil prices in April.