California crude oil prices

California crude oil prices

On the 4th of the month, the United States had less than one month left to formally sanction Iranian oil. In order to avoid US sanctions, all countries are preparing to stop Iranian crude oil imports. Among them, South Korea was the first to stop imports after Trump issued a ban. However, apart from Russia, another country has ignored the warning from the United States and continueCalifornia crude oil pricesd to import Iranian oil, and that is India.

The Anti-Oil Production and Export Monopoly Act, if passed, will allow the United States to sue OPEC member states for market manipulation and may impose sanctions or crackdowns on OPEC. Or can it be said that President Trump is an anti-OPEC fanatical supporter?

As the year 209 approaches, the risks faced are more likely to be concentrated in emerging economies, partly due to the depreciation of the currency against the US dollar, which has led to an increase in the cost of imported energy. The escalation of trade disputes brings risks to growth. Bob, Director of Mizuho Energy Futures

Alamolhoda said: If our oil cannot be exported, the Strait of Hormuz will be blocked. Saudi cruise ships will also be seized, and even countries in the region will be razed to the ground by Iranian missiles. Alamolhoda explained that if Iran really blocks the Strait of Hormuz, oil from the area will no longer be exported. Within 90 minutes, all the countries of the Persian Gulf will be destroyed, within 60 minutes the UAE and Saudi Arabia will be destroyed, and within 90 minutes the United States will have nothing. Even once the Strait of Hormuz is blocked, Iran has the right to "immediately" create conditions for an oil price of US$400 per barrel.

The entire oil reserves of the Ayacucho oil field in the Ayacucho block of the Belt are used as the material basis for the issuance of petroleum coins. The oil reserves of the oil field exceed 5 billion barrels. Maduro also promised to bring Orinoco heavy oil to Arco in the future

As of June 22, the fifth working day of the current pricing cycle, the agency estimates that the rate of change in crude oil is negative 45%, which corresponds to a reduction in domestic refined oil prices by 48 yuan/ton, which translates to a decrease in gasoline price by 0.27 yuan/liter and diesel 0.0 yuan/liter. If thCalifornia crude oil pricese price is adjusted according to this range on the 0th, domestic refined oil prices will fall three times in a row, and a full tank of 50 liters of oil will save 5 yuan.

On Wednesday, June, at 6:00 Beijing time, the IEA monthly report of the International Energy Agency will announce that the OPEC monthly report shows the prospect of an increase in crude oil production in May. If the IEA monthly report is bad news, the price of crude oil will surely fall below $65. turn off.